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I have always believed in the importance of investing in our future and supporting education to ensure that our children have access to the very best. It is so important that we future proof the next generation to ensure that they are educated to a high level and don't make the same mistakes that we have.

Since joining Classpeople and working with our teachers I have been discussing the successes and challenges our teachers face and have been stunned by some of the responses. Many of our teachers had amazing experiences to report and love working as a supply teacher for the variation of work and the flexibility for lifestyle fit. I was however genuinely surprised to hear how many of our wonderful teachers have been asked at one point or another why they 'couldn't get a proper job'.

It made me feel annoyed at first and then just frustrated. Here I was talking to these amazing teachers of ours, teachers that wait patiently by the phone each morning to find out where they are needed, then walk into the unknown to keep our schools afloat, and yet they seem to be viewed, even by others in the profession, as a lesser teacher.

As part of the process I found myself casting my mind back to my school days and thinking about supply staff at our school. I was slightly ashamed to recall playing the 'name change trick' on our supply teachers and viewing a supply day as an 'easy ride'.

It's high time we changed that view and I'm proud to say that at Classpeople we are dedicated to the cause. We are focused on raising the standards of supply teaching and investing in our teachers. I finally feel like I have found a way to influence education and make a real difference. Changing the way that we look at supply and giving constant support with regular CPD and socials means we can hopefully change this negative view and ensure that we are sending in educators and not just babysitters.

In order to future proof the next generation we must ensure that supply teachers are regarded as an important part of our children's education and not just a solution to staffing problems. These teachers should be able to provide a consistent alternative to regular staff and be given the tools to aid them in their vocation. 


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